Open Your Eyes Cuff

Open Your Eyes Cuff

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Darling, open your eyes
Let me show you the light
You may never find a love that's right

  • Dimensions

    58 mm x 3mm wide

    Thickness: 1mm

    Gemstone Setting : 20mm x 17mm

Bold sterling silver cuff with large faceted gemstone framed by a hand-engraved segmented dot pattern.

Available in two designs: Green Agate and Rainbow Moonstone.

Green Agate: Green Agate gemstone with an intricate geometric print engraved on the cuff. Green Agate is a banded type of chalcedony formed over millions of years deep in the cavities of volcanic rocks. This striking green stone will bring forth balance, grounding and calmness, bolstering the connection between mind, body and spirit. Agate was particularly popular in Ancient Greece, both to adorn jewellery and to decorate the illustrious seal stones of Spartan Warriors.