Ocean Oppercullum Bowl
Ocean Oppercullum Bowl

Ocean Oppercullum Bowl

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Made on the Mornington Peninsula By Monika Colic 

Inspired by the operculum which is a swirly trap door of the turban snail shells that live in oceans.
Here is a multi purpose handbuilt ceramic bowl most suitable for storing jewellery or little treasures, but can also be used for serving candy, lollies, olives or cookies. Made from white stoneware clay and altered to get the swirly texture. Outside the bowl is textured with vintage lace. Glazed with foodsafe glaze. Fired twice in an electric kiln over 1220°C. The bottom was left unglazed, but will be sealed with liquid quartz sealer for waterproof protection.

Each bowl is unique, so if you order multiples in the same size, other bowls will be similar shape and size.

Handwash recommended.