Inner States - Bath Soak - Yin
Inner States - Bath Soak - Yin
Inner States - Bath Soak - Yin

Inner States - Bath Soak - Yin

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Move inwards to a place of calm, stillness and surrender where you can feel rested and relaxed. Yin is like a warm hug from the inside letting you untangle from the chaos of life and find a state of relaxation and equilibrium.

Feel nourished and alive by slipping into a bath full of all the good stuff like Epsom salts, Australian white clay and our Flow aromatherapy blend, rose petals and hibiscus.

Combining our Yin aromatherapy with the calming and familiar scent of lavender blended with smooth sandalwood and soothing camomile amongst oils which may help to relieve feelings of nervous tension, this scent is amazing to use before bed, yoga practice or in the home office.

Epsom Salts are easily absorbed to relieve muscular tension and soothe pains.

Australian white clay will help your skin detox while leaving it smooth and hydrated.

Himalayan pink salt to help heal and relax

This soak will help you de-stress, revive and soothe sore muscles.

Scatter in a running bath. Relax and enjoy

Ingredients: Naturally occurring epsom salts, magnesium flakes, Himalayan pink salt, Australian kaolin clay, black goji's, chrysanthemum and essential oils of ho Leaf, Tasmanian lavender, sandalwood, geranium Bourbon, chamomile, ylang ylang, neroli, fennel, tarragon, penny royal essential oils & orange blossom absolute

*Natural products may vary in consistency, please patch test for sensitivity and consult a medical professional before using this product especially if pregnant or breastfeeding.